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A Prayer for Connecticut

A Prayer for Compassion, A Prayer for Peace

Georgian Court University stands in prayer with the parents and families affected by the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.  As our nation grapples with this heartbreaking tragedy, GCU President Rosemary E. Jeffries and the campus community ask that you join us in offering words of compassion and care.

God of peace, God of love:

We ask your blessings on the victims’ families and all of those impacted by
the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

We know you to be a merciful and just God, and we come to you now,

in a season where we celebrate the birth of your Son and our savior.

We come to you now, at a time when we have witnessed the horror of inhumanity.

Still, we know you to be a God of love, a God who watches us over day and night and
a God who shuns evil at every turn.

As we ask your blessing for those besieged by grief,
we thank you God, for accepting the souls who lost their lives in this tragedy.

Please comfort the families and friends who are left here wondering how this could have happened.

Help them to understand that only you God, knows the things of this world.

We pray that you would comfort the bereaved and bring wholeness to their lives and to our nation.

And we ask dear Lord, that you would make us grateful for the good news of salvation

and keep us faithful in your service until the coming our Lord, Jesus Christ.


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