GCU Scholarship Tea 2013

Last Import - 267DSCN0751DSCN0754Last Import - 265Last Import - 264
Last Import - 263GCU Newcombe ScholarsGCU Newcombe ScholarsDr. Mary Ann Smorra plays along.Dr. Mary Ann Smorra plays along.Nursing students (and scholars) stick together!
Melissa Mikkelson and Mom!Melissa Mikkelson and Mom!VP Mellissia Zanjani and Mrs. SeazholtzLast Import - 242Trustee John Seazholtz and friends.Flowers on a rainy day
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GCU Scholarship Tea 2013, a set on Flickr.

As another academic year comes to a close, GCU salutes the generous donors who transform the dream of earning a college degree into a reality for so many students. You can view and download  photos from the 2013 Scholarship Tea online at Flickr.com.

Thank you.