Daily Archives: May 21, 2013

Praying for Oklahoma

Keeping Monday’s tornado victims in our prayers

Praying for OklahomaAs we begin our final preparations for celebrating our graduates, we collectively hold the people of Moore, Okla., in our hearts and prayers. Those of us at Georgian Court and throughout this region who understand—and have in some way experienced—the devastation wrought by violent weather can empathize with those affected by Monday’s tragedy.

The tremendous outpouring of help that we shared is indicative of the Mercy spirit of community. We pray that it will now strengthen and comfort the people of Moore, and that it will sustain the many first responders and others involved with the recovery effort. I have no doubt that many in our community will offer support the victims through appropriate channels like the Red Cross and other nonprofit organizations.

Generosity comes in many forms and I hope the GCU community will respond as we always do.

Yours in mercy,

Sister Rosemary E. Jeffries