On Her Way: Mariah Iapicco Joins Mercy Volunteers

A Job, A Journey, An Education

GCU education graduate Mariah Iapicco recently accepted a teaching position at a school on a reservation in Arizona. She will spend the 2013-14 academic year as a member of the Mercy Volunteer Corps, a group associated with the Sisters of Mercy. The Monitor of Trenton, our diocesan newspaper, published a story about Mariah.

Below, Mariah talks about her decision and how GCU prepared her for the future:

Mariah (right) recently completed her student teaching and earned her degree in math and education.

Mariah (right) recently completed her student teaching and earned her degree in math and education.

AT THE BEGINNING OF MY SENIOR YEAR, I realized that I wanted to enter into a volunteer program to give back so much that has been given to me.  I wasn’t sure what program to apply for, or if I even would follow through with my idea, but luckily my wish came true: I applied to Mercy Volunteer Corps and got accepted.

I had heard about MVC when 2011 GCU grad Brynn Walzer applied and went to California  when she graduated, but I still was unsure what it truly was. Then GCU Provost Evelyn Quinn had a representative come and speak to students, specifically to those of us involved with GCU’s Mercy Collegiate Society, about the program. That presentation inspired me to want to apply.  After conversations with Evelyn Quinn, Dean of Students Karen Goff, Dean of Student Success Kathleen Boody, and recent GCU graduate Sally Santiago (who is now in law school in Charlotte, N.C.), I decided to follow through and apply for the program. I will be placed in St. Michael’s, Arizona at their high school and I will be teaching math.  I was very lucky with this because this is exactly what I went to school for.  I had the choice of going to Connecticut to teach in an all girls middle school, but I chose to be brave and go farther away.  I will be living on the reservation with them, so I will be a part of their community. I know it will be a wonderful experience. 

For student teaching I was placed at Middletown High School South. I had 3 honors geometry classes, 3 Algebra 2/ Pre-calculus honors courses (two classes condensed into one year), and one Algebra 2 class (lower level students).  Student teaching truly helps us grow as teachers because there is only so much you can learn through textbooks, but being in the field for 15 weeks help you feel comfortable in the classroom and understand how to be an effective teacher.