Daily Archives: February 27, 2014

GCU Students to Donors: ‘Thanks for Giving!’

FEBRUARY 27, 2014 (Lakewood, NJ) — Georgian Court University students are promoting Lion Loyalty Day as they mark Feb. 27’s internationally celebrated Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day. Many of GCU’s participants are student leaders with the university’s Phone-a-Thon campaigns and fundraising drives, and some are also organizing Georgian Court’s new young alumni initiative.

“Engaging students in philanthropy is a wonderful way to inspire the importance of giving back,” said Mellissia M. Zanjani, Ph.D., CFRE, Vice President of Institutional Advancement. “Georgian Court University is pleased to partner with CASE Affiliated Student Advancement Programs to host Lion Loyalty Day. It will be a day to promote and celebrate the love of humankind and to and help motivate students to become leaders in works of volunteering and philanthropy.”

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