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GCU Professor Examines the Role of Peace, Dissent During World War I

¬†GCU’s Dr. Scott Bennett on Peace—In Time of War

Scott Bennett, PH.D.

Historian Scott Bennett, Ph.D., is also an expert on radical pacifism and nonviolence since World War I.

How did dissenters and peace activists fare during World War I? Not so well, said GCU history professor Scott Bennett, Ph.D., in an interview with journalist Ann Jones of the Australian Broadcast Company. Hear his commentary on “The Enemy Within,” which aired internationally in June 2014. (Dr. Bennett’s segment begins at 38:40.)

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Committed to Quality, Excellence and Student Success

(June 17, 2014) LAKEWOOD, NJ—Recent coverage of rankings released by the National Council on Teacher Quality and U.S. News and World Report note that many organizations, including the GCU School of Education, declined to¬†provide data.

GCU is among several colleges in New Jersey which have opted out of cooperating with NCTQ because they do not believe the group is truly interested in the outcomes of students in the classroom, explains GCU Provost, Dr. Bill Behre.

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